Review of Discovery of India & How to Use This for UPSC Exam Preparation?

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📈To classify this book as one of the historical accounts of India will be an incomplete assessment. Nehru is wrestling with many themes in this book- the vital links that connect past with the present and portend future trajectories; an individual’s sense of self and civilsational values he inhabits; and larger journey of humanity. The book tries to understand the pathways through which these themes feed into one another.
📚👉Definitely worth it, especially in our times,because
➡. Albert Einstein to write to Nehru: “I have read with extreme interest your marvellous book(The discovery of India)…It gives an understanding of the glorious intellectual and spiritual tradition of …India.”
➡. It is a very scientific, balanced, considerate, critical account of Indian history, by someone who was very well read, well experienced, with rational outlook and staggering command of the subject.
➡. It is authored by a great Indian, deeply devoted to his motherland. He subjects some of the Indian traditions to critical examination and yet doggedly justifies our ancient wisdom and knowledge.
➡And in times like this when it’s insinuated that being Indian means belonging to a particular religion or belonging to a religion means anti-Indian , this spectacular work by a true statesman who fought uncompromisingly for a secular India.
🎯For UPSC Preparation

  It was once part of the syllabus for UPSC examinations and thus was a must read. Which goes to show that the book is academic in orientation and highly informative.
👉It helps in Essays

👉Also Helps in GS1 And GS4

👉Some Times Rarely Helps in GS2 (Governance) & GS 3(Economics)
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