🎯What chapters to read in ‘India since independence?

📃The book “India since Independence” by Bipin Chandra et al is analysed below from the perspective of the new GS syllabus.
The GS- Paper 1 History part has included this new phrase in the syllabus: “Post-independence consolidation and reorganization within the country”

· There are 4 chapters on Consolidation of India as a Nation i.e Chapters 7,8,9 & 10. These are a must-read as the term in the syllabus seems to have been picked from here itself..:)

· Along with this, reorganization would also include formation of new states after 2000 i.e. Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Uttarakhand. You need to study the reasons for their formation and the impact on polity, economy and social development. Other questions might relate to need for smaller states for better administration and the demands for further reorganization as seen in the case of UP etc.
From the syllabus perspective, other important chapters in this book are:

· Chapter 12: Foreign Policy

· Chapter 35 & 36: As Communalism word is mentioned in the new syllabus

· Chapters 29,30 & 31: Land reforms is in the syllabus of GS-3 ( Pages 566-570 provide the gist)

· Indian Economy chapters 25 to 28 can also be studied

· Chapter 38 is also important from GS-1 perspective
It is better if you study the while book but I have mentioned the bare minimum ones which are absolutely essential.
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