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All NCERTs With Handwritten Summeries

📚India Since Independence

📚Modern India- Bipin Chandra

📚World History- Norman Lawe

📚World Hiatory- Jain and Mathur

📚Social Issues- Ram Ahuja

📚Indian Geography- Majid Husain

📚Physical Geography- Periyar

📚India Compression Grography

📚Polity- Laxmikant

📚Governance- Laxmikant

📚Science and Tech- Ashok Sing

📚Economics- Sanjeev Varma

📚Economics- Datta And Sundaram

📚Economics- Shreeram IAS

📚Environment- Shankar IAS

🎯Disaater Management-


👍Internel Security- Vajiram & Ravi

🎯Ethics- Subbarao

🎯Ethics- Lexicon

🎯Ethics in Governance- Ramesh Arora

📈All Yojana And Summeris

📈All PIB And Summeries

👍📉All Govt Reports

Much More E Books and Important Materials are There We will Share Daily 2 E Books

🎯☺Be Patient Thank You Share This As much As Possible




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