After I listed the

NCERT books required for Prelims preparation, I have received many emails and comments from readers asking is it possible to obtain the old syllabus NCERT books from somewhere; anywhere. Well firstly, you don’t require old syllabus NCERTs for ALL subjects. As I have mentioned in the post, you should get old History NCERTs for classes VIII, IX and X, if possible . It’s not mandatory.

For other subjects the new syllabus NCERTs are just fine and recommended. So is it possible to obtain the old syllabus History NCERT books or of other subjects?

Sources for Old Syllabus NCERT Books:

Remember, this list is not exhaustive. Rather I have only listed online and offline sources that I am aware of. If you know more or any shop selling old syllabus NCERTs in you city/town please list the address along with phone number (if available) of the shop in the comments below so others can benefit from your knowledge.

Try searching classified sites like Olx.in and Quikr.com with terms like ‘old syllabus NCERT books’ + ‘city name’. Chances are someone might be selling his or her old books that they no longer require. And it might just be your lucky day:)

This site lists NCERT book distributors in Delhi and other cities along with their contact details. You can contact the shop owner/distributor directly and enquire about old syllabus NCERTs in their inventory.

Asklaila.com is also a good source for locating NCERT shops in you city like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and others.

Jawahar Book Centre at Ber Sarai in Delhi is a reputed book seller/distributor and ships books to all locations within the country. Chances are they might be keeping photocopied versions of old NCERTs as these are in demand among students enrolled in Delhi’s coaching institutes. Just call them up and ask for the old NCERTs and whether they will ship to your location or not. I have ordered books from them in the past and they sent it to my location at that time (Bombay) without any issue.

Just use your favourite search engine and type in “NCERT book shop” + “your city” or nearest city to get results about distributors and book shops in your area. You can then contact the sellers regarding your query.

UPDATE : If you cannot find old syllabus History NCERTs, click here to view their alternatives by the same authors.

Do You Know of Any Old Syllabus NCERT Dealers in You Town?

If you do or if you have come across any using the tips mentioned above, please list their contact details in the comments below so others can get these books as well. Even photocopied versions are welcome since these NCERT books were published during 1989-90 so new copies will most probably be not available.


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