​Strategy for Economics by Ms Harshika Singh (AIR-8)

Ms. Harshika epitomizes the adage- that the higher you go, the more humble you should become. I requested her for a write-up on Economics and I learnt that she herself has a blog to help civil service aspirants. She promptly mailed me the Strategy from her blog and has kindly given me the permission to reproduce it here. I thank her for the same. Being, an alumni from LSE, I feel her tips would be very helpful to all of us. She will try and reply to any queries you post but please bear with the delay in her responses. You can also email her at

harshikasingh2012@gmail.com I thank her on behalf of all the candidates once again.

Strategy for Economics

Why Economics?

My Background in Economics and the interest in the subject was the most obvious reason for Economics as my first optional. I am B.A Economics(Hons) from St.Xavier’s College ,Ranchi (Jharkhand) and MSc.Economic History from London School Of Economics and Political Science,London,UK.

The Comprehensive list of the books that I followed was

For both my optionals ,I emphasized on making my concepts very clear and re-read the textbooks.I read all the books enumerated below-different books cater to different portions of the syllabus so I have enumerated all of them…

For Paper 1

Microeconomics Ahuja and Koutsyansis

Macroeconomics Ahuja


International Economics

Salvatore basically

and for some random parts

M.C Vaish

Public finance Lekhi


H.L Bhatia

Money and banking-

S.B Gupta


RBI website

For Growth and Development ,I followed Mishra and Puri .There is another book by Lekhi (this book covers the syllabus so it is bit handy)/Debraj Ray-Development Economics .I extensively used Internet for some new developments in same.

Paper 2

Indian Economy from Dutt & Sundaram

Mishra & Puri

Uma kapila

Extensive study of the Economic Survey

Union Budget

EPW (Economy and Political Weekly)

Any one business newspaper like ET/FE etc

The Economic Times:

Financial Express

The Economist

In this attempt which was my second attempt I just followed the basic textbooks that are taught in most of the Indian Universities but in general I also kept myself updated with new textbooks and relevant study materials available on Internet of some renowed Universities around the world.

I took study materials from Brilliant Tutorials in my first attempt and RAU’s IAS Academy ,Delhi for my second attempt.This helped me to systematize my preparation according to the syllabus.

Answer Writing-In Paper 1 , I just ensured that my concepts were clear.Here I would like to admit i felt I had done relatively well in paper 1 but landed up with just 133 marks so maybe I faltered in some way. Hence for Paper 1 , I would recommend to also go through the strategy for the same followed by Neeraj Kumar Singh(AIR-11) who also has the highest marks in Economics optional this year. In Paper 2- I tried to substantiate my answers with adequate data’s and if possible tried to relate the said question to some recent instance /current affairs issue like this year there was a question on MNREGA rural wage hike and agriculture sector(issue on similar lines were in the news recently) .

Economics is my passion so I never considered this as just a subject per se. I enjoyed my economics preparation and religiously followed the day to day developments in world Economy/Indian Economy through Internet /newspapers and News channels.



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